Shared Earth Face Mask - Assorted Colours


Please note - we received a variety of colours  from red to blue - each one different. If you would prefer a certain colour please add a note and we will do our best or contact you to give you a choice of shades. 


Shared Earth is delighted to be able to offer this timely initiative of WFTO-Asia, the PeoplesMask.

It's a washable, re-usable face covering made of cotton, designed for non-medical front-liners: shop staff, drivers, government, community and social workers, refuse collectors, charity workers and so on. The PeoplesMask is based on the HK Mask design, a joint venture between Dr K Kwong and local filtration and engineering companies in Hong Kong. It allows a disposable filter or tissue to fit inside a pocket of a re-usable face covering; recent laboratory tests have shown this increases the efficiency of the face covering to between 83% and 91%, depending on the thickness of the tissue inserted.

This is an assortment of colours so we cannot guarantee a shade. 

This initiative also aims to provide work for some of the thousands of artisans in Asia who have lost their jobs because of the lockdowns in their countries. It is a small step made by the global Fair Trade community in the fight against Covid-19. We are buying the PeoplesMask from a WFTO member in Sri Lanka. The production process follows guaranteed Fair Trade standards and the factory has been cleared by the local authorities for compliance under Covid-19 preventative measures.

Please note this is a non-returnable item unless faulty.


    • Two layers of 100% handwoven cotton fabric

    • Layers lined with polyester blended fusing

    • Pocket where layer(s) of tissue (paper or Kleenex type) are placed

    • Wire across the top to form the user's nose and face

  • Industrial grade elastic around ears holds the face covering in place


    • AZO free, PCP tested, non-toxic fabric

    • Dyes and chemicals REACH and BLUESIGN certified

    • Heavy metal free

    • Vegan, PETA approved

  • A WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade productclot

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