Grumpy Mule - Cool Ground


Grumpy mule are an independent coffee roaster based in Meltham, Yorkshire UK. They pride themselves on creating Award Winning Coffee that is meticulously sourced, ethically traded and deliciously grumpy.

Sustainability isn’t just a word for Grumpy Mule, it’s an approach. Ethical isn’t just a slogan for them, it’s a commitment. Traceability for them is about the who, not the where.

Oh, and of course, GREAT tasting coffee.

To say that Grumpy Mule only cares about coffee is not entirely fair. He, and we, also care about our farmers, our growers and our customers. And other mules. And carrots. And a well-placed scratch behind the ears.

Produced from organic and Fairtrade coffee beans, with tastes of sweet malt loaf, zesty lemon and earl grey.
Suitable for use in a wide range of brewing equipment. This coffee is a rich, satisfying and balanced cup to enjoy throughout the day.

Bag Size 227

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