Biosolis Spf 50 - Sun Spray - Spray-On Sunscreen 100 Ml

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This sun spray is the ideal sun care product for all members of the family. High factor – SPF 50 for the protection of all skin types, even the very sensitive skin of children

  • Handy spray
    The product is liquid and therefore easy to spread out across the skin

  • Protection against UVB and UVA
    The SPF factor gives an indication of the UVB protection. The ‘anti-UVA’ protection should be at least 1/3 of the ‘anti-UVB’ protection. The Biosolis products have an average ‘anti-UVA’ protection factor between 20 and 25, which is more than the required minimum.

  • With titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. But no nano-particles
    Nano particles are smaller than 100 nm and can penetrate the skin anywhere. Very little is known about the effect of the nano-particles. With Biosolis you avoid taking any risks.

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