Don'ts for Husbands or Wives - 1913

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Don'Ts For Husbands And Don'Ts For Wives Are Facsimile Editions Of The Original Books Published By A&C Black In 1913. Each Pocket-Sized Book Contains Hundreds Of Snippets Of Entertaining Advice For A Happy Marriage, Which Rings True Almost 100 Years After It Was Written.
The Reissued Titles Are Ideal Stocking Fillers, And Gifts For Weddings, Engagements And Anniversaries. Advice Appears Under The Following Chapters: 1. Personalities 2. How To Avoid Discord 3. Habits 4. Financial Matters 5. Evenings At Home 6. Jealousy 7. Recreation 8. Food 9. Dress 10. Entertaining 11. Household Management 12. Children Some Examples From Don'Ts For Wives Don T Be Discontented And Think Your Husband Not Manly Because He Happens To Be Short And Thin, And Not Very Strong. Manliness Is Not A Purely Physical Quality.
Don T Omit To Pay Your Husband An Occasional Compliment. If He Looks Nice As He Comes In Dressed For The Opera, Tell Him So. If He Has Been Successful With His Chickens, Or His Garden, Or His Photography, Compliment Him On His Results.
Don T Say I Told You So To Your Husband, However Much You Feel Tempted To. It Does No Good, And He Will Be Grateful To You For Not Saying It.
Some Examples From Don'Ts For Husbands Don T Increase The Necessary Work Of The House By Leaving All Your Things Lying About In Different Places. If You Are Not Tidy By Nature, At Least Be Thoughtful For Others.
Don T Keep All Your Jokes For Your Men Friends. Let Your Wife Share Them.
Don T Hesitate To Mention The Fact When You Think That Your Wife Looks Exceptionally Nice. Your Thinking So Can Give Her No Pleasure Unless You Tell Your Thought.

Dimensions: 107x65mm

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