Van Verre - Fair Trade Olive wood Olive Pick


Our olive wooden items are made in small quantities and each piece is unique, which makes them extra special.

Rinse with warm water without using any detergent. Gently rub a bit of olive oil onto the wood to revive the lively markings and colour, allowing these exceptional products to be enjoyed for years to come.

made in Tunisia

by small olive wood workshops

made of olive wood (sustainably sourced)

dimensions 9cm

Price is for 1 pick

Did you know that olive trees can live for hundreds of years and take a long time to grow? When the trees eventually stop producing the good fruit, the wood becomes a sustainable material. With great respect for the environment, these aged olive wood is carefully laid to dry. A patient and careful process to achieve an original and durable product. Olive trees are the most symbolic trees of the Mediterranean and represent purity and wisdom. Tunisian craftsmen have understood this and preserved this savoir-faire, taking good care of these hundred-year-old trees and shaping the finest products. The hand-carving of the sun-dried wood follows the veins of the tree; there is nothing more pure. VAN VERRE takes part in a preservation program launched by the Tunisian government; for every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted. In that way we do not harm the amazing heritage of the Tunisian olive groves.

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