3-Minute Devotions for the Workplace


Got 3 minutes to spare? You’ll find the spiritual pick-me-up you desire in 3-Minute Devotions for the Workplace.

In many people’s lives, a job is the single most time-consuming element—and sometimes, the most emotionally challenging aspect as well. The demands of the workplace call for the special wisdom that God’s Word supplies. 3-Minute Devotions for the Workplace offers more than 180 readings that address the real-life issues of employment—integrity, office politics, coworker relations, and more—all from a biblical perspective.

This book follows Barbour's bestselling 3-Minute formula:

  1. Scripture
  2. Devotional Thought
  3. Prayer

Written primarily for the office worker, this little book will encourage you to rely on God’s underlying plan for your life, while challenging youto be the best employee (or employer) you can be.

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