Air Plant - Tillandsia Ionantha Red


Tillandsia ionantha red
This red air plant is one of our favorites. This tillandsia ionantha has a beautiful red color and therefore has a really cheerful appearance.

This air plant likes a light spot, not in the sun (in winter this is possible), but in a good light spot near the window.
However, the red color can decrease somewhat, this is because this Tillandsia is originally green in color, so the plant will eventually become less red.

This Tillandsia is treated by the supplier, which gives it this beautiful red color. Unfortunately, it can also happen with this plant that it does not stay alive for long. (on average after 6 to 8 weeks the plant may also lose its zest for life, or it will lose color and start producing puppies)

The size of that plant is about 5 to 7 cm.

It is a vulnerable airplant, unfortunately we sometimes receive them from the grower with some broken leaves. You can pull these out if necessary.

Please note: each air plant is unique and can therefore differ from the photo. This air plant is fragile and can have broken leaves.

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