Aura Que - MITA Felt Unisex Slipper Mules - Peach / EU38


The MITA handmade felt slip-on mule slippers are individually handcrafted, with inside sole padding for comfort and finished with hardwearing leather suede soles.

Pale Peach

Our slippers are carefully hand-felted using 100% raw sheep wool, soap and water. We only use azo-free dyes for our felt. The soles are made from natural suede, sourced from a small family tannery in Kolkata and roadfreighted to Kathmandu in bulk, to be used for all our leather and suede products; all chemicals used in the tanning process are contained and reprocessed within the water treatment facility on site. 

Our slippers are hand-felted by a women's co-operative in the Kathmandu Valley. Each piece is made around a reusable 'resist' mould and felted by hand, then felted more around reusable resin EU size 'last' to give the consistent shoe size. They are dried in the sun and the suede sole is beautifully machine-stitched into place to finish each pair.

AURA QUE products are individually handcrafted and the unique story behind each AURA QUE product enhances its charm!

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