Bachca Make Up Brush Set


All BACHCA makeup brushes are made of natural beech wood which is very hard and resistant and made to last.

5 brushes for complete makeup:

101 -Powder brush: The Bachca powder brush is a must, it is ideal for uniformly applying compact or loose powder over the entire face.

102 -Blush brush: The Bachca blush brush is ideal for applying compact or loose powder. Its bevelled shape follows the curves of the face and allows a perfect application on the cheekbones and edges.

104 - Foundation Brush: This brush is ideal for applying flawless foundation.
Its slightly degraded synthetic bristles allow you to apply an ultra thin film of foundation for a smooth, even result

201 - Angled Eyelid Brush: The Bachca angled eyelid brush is the ideal accessory for applying shadows to
eyelids. Its beveled tip is designed to work with shadows in the crease of the eyelid and on the brow bone.

203 - Eyebrow eyeliner brush: This brush can also be used to apply and blend the eyebrow pencil but also to draw an eyeliner line. Its fine bevelled synthetic fibers allow to draw very precisely the contour of the eyes in order to define and intensify the gaze.

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