Bachca Make Up Kabuki Brush



All BACHCA makeup brushes are made of natural beech wood which is very hard and resistant and made to last.

Traditionnaly used in Japan by Geishas , the Kabuki is the perfect brush to cover large areas with pressed or loose powder.

Its very dense, synthetic fibres are extremely soft and perfectly holds the powder for a flawless application on the face.

Natural wooden handle.

Synthetic fibres - Vegan - Cruelty free

Wet the bristles in lukewarm water and place a drop of makeup brush cleanser (or gentle shampoo) into the palm of your hand. Gently rub the tips of the bristles in your hand with small circular motions and rinse. Repeat until the brush clears clear water. Gently squeeze out the excess moisture with your fingers, while avoid pulling on the hair. Spread a small towel or a good layer of paper towels on a flat surface and let the brushes dry next to each other.

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