Bean & Goose Artisan Chocolate - 80g


Designed led chocolate bar made in a unique mould. Topography – the detailed mapping of the features of a small area, district or locality.

Hand wrapped in contemporary, paired back packaging.

We select the finest quality single origin chocolate, and then we pair it with the best Irish ingredients for our craft chocolate bars.

Milk Chocolate with Smoked Irish Sea Salt and Cooa Nibs A sweet and creamy 80g bar of solid milk chocolate with undertones of caramel and green tea paired with cocoa nibs and smoked sea salt sourced from Irish waters and smoked at Last Tree Farm.

Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds and Sea Salt  An 80g bar of solid milk chocolate that surprises with its intense cocoa body and fruity flavours. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess and pairs perfectly with almonds roasted in Irish sea salt & olive oil.

Dark Chocolate with Spiced Hazelnut & Honey A strong yet mild 80g bar of solid dark chocolate with notes of coffee and rum paired with our spiced hazelnuts and Wexford honey. Dairy Free

Dark Chocolate Irish Sea Salt & Cocoa Nibs A powerful and bitter 80g bar of solid dark chocolate with a spicy undertone and a long lasting fruity taste.  It pairs well with cocoa nibs and we have added salt sourced from Irish waters. Dairy and Soya Free


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