Celtic Candles - Organic Candle 20cl Tumbler

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20cl container burning for 40-50 hours using only ever organic plant wax and a blend of the finest aromas.

Get a Clean, Fresh Scent with Any Organic Tumbler Candle with a Wooden Lid

Celtic Candles’ Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid will infuse your space with a beautiful aroma and add a touch of style to your existing décor. At Celtic Candles, we care about the quality and durability of our candles. Our tumbler candles will offer you an exceptional experience from the first moment you light them. The lead-free wick system offers an inviting, warm glow that spreads authentic fragrance in your space thoroughly and quickly. With its premium ingredients, our tumbler candles deliver a clean burn, ensuring that you focus on their heavenly aroma instead of a burning smell. The sleek tumbler design from our candles will also serve as a trendy decorative accent for your home.

Safe ingredients

All our tumbler candles are finely crafted using only organic and safe ingredients. None of our candles includes banned or harmful chemicals and they are certified to be safe for domestic use. With an Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid fromCeltic Candles, you can be confident that you and your family will enjoy the therapeutic and mood enhancing benefits of our fragrances without worrying about any harmful chemicals.

Clean Burn

Our tumbler candles guarantee a clean burn from the top of every tumbler jar to its bottom. This means that you will not see any black residues on the ceilings or walls of the tumbler. Our tumbler and lid can also be cleaned and reused.

Fresh Fragrance

At Celtic Candles, genuine fragrance is our major selling point. We guarantee you that you will enjoy a pleasant, potent aroma whenever you burn our candles. Our tumbler candles will bring a beautiful, fresh scent into your home or office. We have a variety of fragrances that you can choose from depending on what you really want to achieve. Some of the tumbler candles fragrances we have formulated include revive, relax, unwind, recharge, invigorate, uplift, and rejuvenate.
Our sleek tumbler candles will revamp any space such as your coffee table, counter, or even bookshelf while giving out pleasant and inviting fragrances. Each of our 20-oz. scented tumbler candles burn features lead-free wicks and burns for about 40 to 50 hours.  Enjoy the finest blend of aromas with an Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid from Celtic Candles.  Check out our range of candle tumbler jars to get the perfect fragrance that suits your home or office.

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