Freee Supergrain Hoops Gluten Free 300G, Organic


✔ Crunchy hoops
✔ From buckwheat, oats, teff and quinoa
✔ Delicious with (vegetable) milk or yoghurt
✔ Source of fibre, gluten-free
✔ Organic, kosher and vegan

The Freee Supergrain Hoops are a source of fibre with flavours from all over the world. Crunchy, but less sweet than standard hoops.

Add some (plant-based) milk and blueberries or strawberries for a gluten-free, organic and vegan breakfast. Or make it a nutritious snack by adding some seeds and dried fruit.

Children, but adults too, love these crunchy breakfast cereals.

Freee foods believes that gluten-free food can also be simple, natural and tasty. It has therefore created organic breakfast cereals that are gluten-free and vegan. All made with care on the family farm in Wiltshire.

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