Cts - Youcat Confirmation Course Handbook


The "YOUCAT Confirmation Course Handbook" is intended for catechists and helpers. It provides them with a wealth of materials with which one can conceive confirmation preparations for elderly, but also for younger confirmands.

 "Confirmation Book" and "Handbook" form a unit:

  • The present "Handbook" contains prepared confirmation hours to just the twelve chapters, which can also be found in the confirmation book. Each chapter contains a theological introduction to convey the group leaders the necessary background knowledge.
  • The "Confirmation Book" turns directly to the youth of a confirmation group and explains them clearly and exciting, like as in a novel with twelve chapters, what is involved in a confirmation. A tome book of faith, even after the confirmation still has value! The catechist can always refer to the confirmation book - or he can use parts of it in the confirmation teaching directly.
  • So, the overall result is a creative network of Scripture, the YOUCAT, the Confirmation Book, this handbook and the actual confirmation hours that can be created on site and tailored to the confirmands and their age group. 

The Confirmation Course provides various methods to each unit, which can be copied and distributed. Moreover, the handbook refers to some other methods, we offer for download here: 

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