Darrell Tunningly - Unreachable


Unreachable is an amazing story of how a young man, whilst an addict to drugs and serving a sentence for armed robbery had an encounter with God. Darrell after attending an Alpha course and becoming a Christian had his life turned upside down. Darrell, now part of the senior leadership at Hope Corner Community Church, has dedicated his life to showing and sharing the love of Christ in his community by bringing hope to the marginalized, the vulnerable and the lost. His story of redemption brings hope and life to the young people he is working with. He is able to speak into their lives as he has been where they have been. Encouraging yet challenging, this remarkable story of God's Love shows that it is never too late to change the direction of your life. Reverend Paul Cowley Executive Director of Caring for Ex -Offenders and the William Wilberforce Trust

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