Eco Green Living - Compostable Lunch/Sandwich/Fruit/Veg Bags - 300 Bags


Compostable Sandwich & Lunch Bags

  • Certified as completely compostable
  • Completely food safe
  • Odourless
  • 20% stronger than competitors
  • Leak-proof & waterproof
  • Made with natural, sustainable ingredients
  • A zero-plastic alternative

The BioBag range of sandwich bags have been tried and tested to our high standards. Another certified compostable product, you can be sure that these bags will decompose without residue.

These compostable bags are odourless and much stronger than brown paper bags. They are leak-proof and waterproof. BioBag bags are breathable, helping to keep your food fresh.

All of our high-quality products are made with sustainable materials and are at least 20% stronger than our competitors.

Only the non-edible part of plants are used as ingredients in our BioBag products to try to ensure that nothing is wasted.

We share a passion to help people make the right choices to help our environment. We would like to encourage our visitors to make positive choices to help the environment. Switching to a plastic-free alternative bag might seem like a small step, but small steps make a big change.

Plastic is a growing environmental concern but finally, we have plastic-free alternatives to choose from.

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