Kilcoe Studios - A Gift of Shamrock

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We are all so familiar with the symbol of the shamrock which is so entwined in the culture of Ireland. But how did this little plant become so important? And what plant exactly is shamrock?
This gift pack includes a beautifully illustrated guide that will provide you with the essential facts and myths in just a few pages as well as having beautiful hand painted illustrations to assist in identifying shamrock.

A 12 page booklet containing facts about shamrock and St.Patrick, with beautifully detailed illustrations of the different varieties of shamrock.

A small packet of seeds complete with sowing instructions – these are allowed to be brought into the U.S.A

Pressed Shamrock
Shamrock of the white clover variety has been collected locally near Kilcoe Studios in West Cork, Ireland and carefully pressed, preserved and presented to add to your gift pack.

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