KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT - Complete Evangelical Parallel Bible

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Includes the four most popular translations: KJV • NKJV • NIV • NLT

Preachers, Bible study leaders and participants, students of the Scriptures, and general readers that are curious about how different translations render their favorite verses will delight in this volume. The same set of verses for all four translations is located on facing pages―two translations to a page―making text comparison a snap.

King James Version
The dignified, poetic language of this word-for-word trans¬lation has made it the favorite of countless readers for over four centuries.

New King James Version

A completely updated translation that’s faithful to the ac¬curacy and beauty of the KJV, while using contemporary and readable language. 

 New International Version

Scholarly accuracy and easy readability combine to help readers understand and apply the intended meaning of the biblical text.

New Living Translation 
Second Edition

Includes marginal notes that explain word choices, plus a more consistent rendition of ancient terms into their modern English equivalents.


17.65 x 6.1 x 24.61 cm

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