KJV - The New Thompson Study Bible Red Hardback

€5.00 €19.99

The New Thompson, modified in its layout for easier consultation, will use topics that Dr. Thompson wrote in the margins of his personal Bible. Insights on specific Bible books are compiled into one-page Bible book introductions. In the New Thompson you will discover:

- About 2000 Life-Related Topics

- 100 Scripture Chain Charts

- Archaeology Notes

- Portraits of Bible People

- Study Aids that give you background information on the Bible and biblical history, a list of fulfilled prophecies concerning Jesus, charts on Bible people and maps.

- Introduction to each Book that focuses on key truths in it.

- Concordance containing about 35,000 entries.

- 12 Maps of the most relevant Bible places.

- 4 Chronological Tables.

- Hardback 

 - Dimensions : 15 x 3.4 x 21.6 cm

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