Managing your Emotions for a Healthier Life


Publisher's Description

Have you been hurt by someone and want to learn to trust again? Do you need help with your sadness or anger? Are you looking for relief from shame, anxiety, or fear? Do you desire the true happiness and love that come with emotional healing? Christian psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Mark Baker shows how to handle eight basic human emotions in order to heal from emotional pain--and discover the bright future God has in store for you. Managing Your Emotions for a Healthier Life is the same compassionate advice he shares with his clients, allowing you to reap the benefits of expert counseling from the comfort of your own home.


Author Bio

Mark W. Baker, PhD, has been a clinical psychologist for more than 25 years. The author of the bestselling Jesus--The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived, Dr. Baker holds advanced degrees in both theology and clinical psychology and is executive director of the La Vie Counseling Centers in Pasadena, California. He is also a frequent speaker on Christian radio and at churches in the Los Angeles area.

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