Mother Reusables - Water Bottle Planet Pusher 500ml

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Mother Nature did all the hard work on Planet Pusher, the sea to be precise - we just borrowed from her. 

Fittingly when you buy this bottle you help nature - we plant a tree for every bottle sold. 

Sleek 500ml bottle designed to stand out and made from triple insulated stainless steel with copper plating to deliver superb thermal performance.  Impeccably finished with a tactile, seamless & creaseless matte effect.


Bottles keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, and come with gift box tube

100% recycled & recyclable with carbon-neutral shipping.

Triple insulated stainless steel with copper inner plating. All materials recycled & recyclable.

This bottle doesn’t like the dishwasher. Just give it a swill with washing up liquid and warm water

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