Nadja Carlotti Jewellery - Ocean Swing Earrings


Large asymmetrical earrings gilded with fine gold. The pattern plays with 2 graphic elements: the straight line represents the horizon and the curve: the ocean, the waves. Atypical and very original: on one side, a small undulating wave and on the other, two sticks intertwine. The earrings sway and move like waves and shine like an ocean sunset. Very feminine and very glamorous, their singularity will underline your unique personality.

• Dimensions : small: W: 0.1 cm x H: 6 cm /

large: W: between 0.1 and 1 cm x  H: 8.5 cm

The Ocean collection is inspired by my new home port on the edge of the ocean, very close to La Rochelle...The horizon, the ocean, the waves, the wind...Here, the landscape evolves with the tides and reveals a new face every day that is never quite the same. The models play with 2 graphic elements: the straight line (representing the horizon) and the curve (the ocean, the waves).

All the jewelry is designed and manufactured in the Paris region by Parisian or Ile-de-France artisans. 

Gilding: the jewels are in brass gilded with fine 24 carat gold 0.5 microns and the rings are gold plated 3 microns to accompany you as long as possible.

Care tips for your jewelry: do not put it in contact with water, perfume or any cosmetic or household product. 
Ideally, store it in its small pouch or its box


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