Nadja Carlotti Jewellery - Volcano Necklace


Fine bi-material necklace gilded with fine gold composed of 2 shapes that fit together, 1 small smooth and the other finely engraved with grooves reminiscent of the crackling of lava. Discreet, light and very original with its engraving and asymmetry. 

• Dimensions of the motif: W: 2.9 cm x L: 1.6 cm. Total length of the chain: 38 cm + adjustment chain

 • The Volcano collection is inspired by the cooled lava lake Kilauea Iki on Hawaii's Big Island. This lake was  formed in 1959 during the last eruption of Kilauea during which the highest lava fountain ever recorded in Hawaii (580m) and phenomena such as rapids, waves and a vortex of lava were observed. The collection transcribes these movements and crackles, expresses the strength of this phenomenon and the power of this place through pieces of character, imposing but soft by their curve, sensitive by their engraving and their movement. 

Nadja Carlotti Jewellery started in 2007. With a Master of Arts at the Duperré School, Nadja has been designing jewellery for over 14 years with her signature feminine, airy and light style.

All jewellery is made in the Paris region in France:
The collections are designed and assembled by Nadia. The other stages of production (cutting, welding, gilding and enamel) are entrusted to Ile-de-France artisans chosen for their expertise. 

* Gilding: the jewels are in brass gilded with fine 24 carat gold 0.5 microns and the rings are gold plated 3 microns to accompany you as long as possible.

Care tips for your jewellery: do not put it in contact with water, perfume or any cosmetic or household product. 
Ideally, store it in a small pouch or box

Use a microfiber cloth to clean and restore all its shine to your jewel.


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