Nkuku Christmas Bauble - Nevasa Giant Handmade Glass

€20.00 €39.99

Make a statement this season with these stunning Nevasa giant baubles beautifully crafted from recycled glass. The unique and striking finish makes each bauble appear as if it's been dipped in liquid copper with the contrast of transulecent glass and rich opaque antique copper creating a decadent display. Each bauble is strung with a black velvet tie.

We use recycled glass to make these collections. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it is then crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in moulds to create beautiful new products.

Price is for 1 bauble

Large: 18cm x 15cm x 15cm

X Large: 25cm x 21cm x 21cm

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