Organic Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


This is the Perfect Drizzle texture for pancakes....yumm

Amanprana Hazelnut spread with cocoa: a healthy start with an amazing taste
Our children learn, play and play sports all day long. That's why their breakfast is important. They need a healthy start in the morning and most children will love the amazing taste of Amanprana chocolate hazelnut spread, full of crunchy hazelnuts. It's like eating a delicious liquid Belgian hazelnut praline... which is rich in vitamins and minerals at the same time!

Packed with organic hazelnuts, Belgian chocolate and coconut blossom sugar
Amanprana hazelnut-choco spread contains the advantage of 28.5% coconut blossom sugar instead of refined or brown sugars. It contains more antioxidants than kiwi, mango, carrot or tomato. Healthy pleasure is possible! Amanprana hazelnut spread with cocoa is also rich in potassium, iron and vitamin E and a good source of magnesium, zinc and calcium.

The Amanprana hazelnut-choco De Luxe is packaged in glass with biodegradable labels. It contains no palm oil, chemical sweeteners or sunflower oil. Put the Amanprana hazelnut spread with cocoa on bread to replace chocolate paste. Or process the spread into pies, cakes, chocolate mousse or milkshakes.

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