Redecker Soap Nuts

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or all textiles from 30-95°C, also silk & wool

Advantages of the soap nut:
- renewable resource
- ideal for allergic people (with allergies to conventional detergents)
- for white and colored laundry
- protects skin, laundry and the environment
- 100% biodegradable

 250 g soap nut bowls, incl. 1 wash bag made of cotton


5-7 half shells (= approx. 10g) per wash, slightly chopped, fill in the enclosed bag, place well between the laundry and start the washing program as usual. 

Soap nuts can be used at least 2-3 times. 

Ordinary soiling is effectively removed.  For stubborn stains or white laundry, add a bleach (see table) Gentle to the skin and scrubbing the environment! 

The Soapnut tree, which is mainly native to India and Nepal, grows up to 15 meters high.  His fruit "Sapindus Mukorossi" or simply called "soapnut".  The ingredient SAPONIN contained in the shells of the soapnuts has excellent washing power and has an antibacterial effect.  In contact with warm water, a mild, washing-active lye forms with the organic waste or compost.

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