Tinne+Mia Notebook A6 - Fluorite


A nice notebook lined with coarse ochre yellow book linen. It's printed on Japanse FSC paper.

A fine notebook lined with ochre yellow book linen. It has three reading ribbons. The inside is printed on Japanse FSC paper, lined on the right side, half blank on the left side and the bottom is printed with a dotted grid. Write down everything you want to remember. At work, or maybe next to your bed. So you can quickly capture your notes or thoughts. In the back there is a harmonica compartment for all your loose bills that you would otherwise lose or swing around. A notebook to cherish and keep.

- cover: hardcover
- lined with ochre yellow book linen
- image in silkscreen
- inside: 100 grams Japanse FSC paper
- 160 pages of content
- one colour Pantone print in soft grey: one page lined - one page with half dots - half blank per spread
- size: 160x130x15 mm
- 6,3x5,3x0,6 inch
- one expandable inner pocket
- three ribbon markers
- sewn bound

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