Uncover - See for Yourself - Gospel of John


How much do your friends know about the most famous person in world history?

Most adults have never read the original eye-witness biographies of Jesus.  When they do, Jesus proves to be a compelling figure. 

Launched by University and Colleges Christian Fellowship in 2011 – initially to students and then to the wider population – Uncover is designed to help you and your friends discover more about Jesus and the life He offers.

The Uncover suite of resources consists of Bible studies for seekers, interactive Gospels, topical videos and a wealth of digital resources, all of which have been created to help people engage with the real Jesus. 

Each year, many people uncover Jesus’ offer of life through these resources and come to faith in Him.

Explore the greatest figure in history with your friends. Examine the evidence. Uncover the life of Jesus Christ.

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