Van Verre - Jewellery Fulani Bracelet

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The Fulani people belong to the largest of nomadic tribes in West Africa. They have travelled the continent for centuries, developing their art of hand-beaten brass to create the feather-shaped earrings and bracelets worn by women. The techniques they use to make these pieces of art have not changed since early generations but their design proves to be incredibly modern. The Golden Fulani is testimony to the fact that old traditions can be unexpectedly modern. This might be why it is famous all over the world!

The workshop we collaborate with is situated in Mopti, the Venice of Mali. The craftsmen here trust in their ancestral savoir-faire but occasionally tweak their designs to fit them to modern design trends. The craftsmen work with western partners, such as VAN VERRE, to achieve this.

Use: the handmade pieces of jewellery vary slightly in size and can be gently bent by hand. The jewellery will remain shiny with a drop of lemon juice.

Please note Brass is not hypoallergenic

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