Van Verre - Recycled Flip flop Bracelets

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From waste to colorful wealth, trash to treasure, slipper to jewelry.

Slowly, the barely flowing river Niger runs through Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world.
Flip-flop wash up along the shore, in the reeds. The women of the Bozo, a fishermen's people, try to keep their heads above water by scouring the banks for floating plastic and lost flip flops.

Melting over the ever-burning wood fire in front of their hut, they spin beautiful jewelry.
More than 80 families now live from the proceeds of this flip-flop jewelry and contribute to the control of plastic in nature and plastic soup.
The flip-flop jewelery is 100% waterproof and the ideal accessory for a happy water-wet summer. Give the cheerful colorful striped collection to friends and family and give the Bozo women who gave the flip flops a new lease of life a better life!
Transfer the story of the fisherwomen in Mali by wearing this cheerful jewelry of colorful slippers and contribute to this beautiful story.

Use: roll the bracelets one by one, this is the easiest way. All flip-flop bracelets are handmade and may vary slightly in size.

Set of 8

Origin: from Africa with love
Material: recycled flip flop slippers

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