Wild and Stone - Reusable Safety Razor for Women & Men - Includes 5 Blades and Travel Bag


Wild & Stone’s reusable safety razor has been created for women or men looking for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience and looking to be kind to our planet.

Figures vary, but billions of disposable plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away each year. Due to their mixed materials, they are not recyclable, so they sit in a landfill, pollute our earth, or disrupt our waterways, taking around 1,000 years to decompose. The answer to this waste is the traditional safety razor, the best alternative to plastic razors for men and women alike.

Our metal safety razors are cleverly designed to be used over the face and the body, with a grooved edge made for a precision wet shave that’s not only clean but gentle on the skin. The long handle and textured grip allow for a safe shave in those hard to reach areas.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, these stainless steel safety razor blades are incredibly easy to recycle. Just remove the blade, wipe off the residue, and place it into the metal recycling alongside your food cans.

We make the body of this razor from brass. We have chosen to create this safety razor from this material because recycling brass uses less energy than stainless steel or aluminium, thus making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Safety razors are much more affordable long-term when compared to a single-use razor as you only have to replace the blade, which costs pennies.

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