Air Plants

1. Water

People often think that air plants don't need water because they get their nutrients from the air, but this is not the case. Your air plant certainly needs water, just not that much. They like to be sprayed 1 or 2 times a week (only on the leaves) with the plant sprayer. If it is a very dry/hot summer, spray your air plants more often and give them (rain)water 3 to 4 times. The gray species are desert species, so they need less water than the green species (rainforest species). Make sure they never stay wet for too long to prevent rot.


-Do you want to spoil your tillandsia (air plant) extra? Then spray it with some rainwater. The nutrients in the water will do him good. Or dip them in a bath with lukewarm (rain) water, make sure that they dry well upside down afterwards to prevent rotting -


Tri what? Tri-go-men 

These are small scales that sit on an air plant's leaves. They look like very small hairs. They absorb their nutrients/water through these leaf scales. That is why an air plant needs no soil and no roots, everything is absorbed through the hairs on the leaf.

Because tap water often contains a lot of lime, we do not recommend using tap water. Lime will clog the plant's trichomes and then the plant will slowly die. Therefore, preferably use rainwater, and otherwise demineralized water (for sale in the supermarket).

2. Light

Tillandsias, like other plants, love light. By means of light they can convert water and food into glucose, among other things, so that the plants can grow well. Direct sunlight is too bright for some air plants, so place them mainly in indirect sunlight. Never put air plants in the sun when they are wet, as this will burn the leaves.


-The lighter in color the tillandsia is, the better they can withstand sunlight! -
(the gray varieties can withstand the sun better than the green varieties)

3. Air

Most Tillandsias grow on trees or rocks in the wild. So you can imagine that they do like a bit of fresh air. When you have the chance to place your air plants in a place with fresh air, your air plants will thank you for it.

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