Self Care Planner by Bethan O’Riordan


Are you always rushing and racing? Find it hard to commit to what you need to do look after yourself? Are you in need of a better work life balance (including the work of parenthood!)?
It's time to put you first and be kind to yourself.

Self-care isn't about doing more, it's about making life work for you. This unique and practical 52 week planner will help you to create your kind mind and the life you want to live.

Our community is one of caregivers. So much of our day-to-day involves taking care of others…our to-do list never ends! Ask yourself, how often do you add something for yourself to your list? If you’re feeling tired and burned out, now’s the time to put your wellbeing first so you can lead a more healthy, balanced lifestyle. Think of the old saying, ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ It’s repeated for a reason – it’s true. Making time for yourself will make you a better caregiver, and never a selfish one.


Not sure where to even begin?  Not enough hours in the day already so feeling there’s no time for anything else?

This Self-Care Planner is a unique, efficient and gentle way to incorporate guilt-free self-care into your daily life.  It’s the culmination of my twenty years supporting people to create change and live a balanced life.  



This wellbeing planner will help you to slow down and create a better work life balance. In it, you are guided to create mindful awareness and practical solutions to help you create change across your life. It isn’t dated so you can start your month any day and become the person you’d like to be.



This simple but powerful wellbeing planner includes:

  • A guide to help you make sense of your self-care
  • Tips to help you manage anxiety, critical thoughts and overwhelm
  • Guides to help you cultivate compassion and your kind mind
  • Weekly self-care tips for a more balanced life
  • QR codes with helpful videos from me with the essential self-care information you need to know
  • Space to reflect and journal with reflective writing prompts and journal entry ideas
  • A meditation to help release tension and bring ease into your life

This Self-Care Planner is designed and printed in Ireland. 

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