Les Anis de Flavigny - Aniseed Sweet Tins


Rumours would have it this traditional French sweet has been made in the village of Flavigny since the abbey was formed in 1000AD. 

Each flavour has it's own unique traditional beautiful tin. 

Flavigny® Anis are made from 3 or 4 ingredients: a green anise seed (Pimpinella Anisum), beet sugar, a natural flavor. A plant extract is added to enhance the aromatic note for rose, violet, lemon, orange blossom, and blackcurrant. We select raw materials without the presence of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or heavy metals. We take care to ask our suppliers for their own analyzes and carry out additional analyzes on the batches received in our Factory. We select our green anise seed around the Mediterranean for its taste quality. This fragile plant strongly fearing rain, wind and thunderstorms, we are unable to harvest it at maturity (anethol level at its maximum) in France. Sugar beets are harvested in the North of France, then processed in a refinery in Champagne-Ardenne, a region bordering Burgundy. As for the aromas, they are all natural: anise, rose, violet, orange blossom, blackcurrant, mint, liquorice, tangerine, ginger, lemon, coffee. For the most part, we have been working for many years with flavorists from Grasse, a city known for its centuries-old aromatic know-how.

Vegan Product



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