Lamy 2000 - Black


The LAMY 2000 has been making design history since 1966. As a timeless classic, it is still one of the most modern writing implements today.

Made of fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate and brush-polished stainless steel.
The LAMY 2000 is available as a piston fountain pen with a partially platinum-plated 14Kt. Gold nib, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and multi-color ballpoint pen.

Fountain Pen: Piston fountain pen made of polycarbonate + stainless steel, brushed matt / 14 ct. Gold nib, platinum refined / Fine nib / Size: 138 x 13 x 13 mm / Weight 26g

Rollerball: polycarbonate / stainless steel: brushed matt / with rollerball refill LAMY M 63 M black

Ballpoint: polycarbonate / brushed stainless steel / with large refill LAMY M 16 M black

Mechanical Pencil: polycarbonate / brushed stainless steel / fine-line lead LAMY M 40 (0.7) or LAMY M 41 (0.5) / eraser tip LAMY Z 10 with cleaning needle

Multi-system pen: fitted with a spring-operated clip. Several writing systems in just one pen: Ballpoint pen with LAMY refills M 21 black, red and blue / Mechanical pencil with 0.7 mm (LAMY M 40) lead.

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