Lamy Joy Calligraphy Pen - AL or Black



For proper calligraphy you need pen, ink and above all a lot of time? Not true! The LAMY joy makes beautiful handwriting a breeze. The calligraphy fountain pen is currently available in white with red details – optionally also as an attractive set with various nib widths and ink colours. Lettering with fine upstrokes and broad downstrokes is characteristic of classic calligraphy. This effect can easily be achieved with the LAMY joy because, instead of a conventional nib with a round point, it has a broad nib with a straight, flat tip: this glides pleasantly over the paper and also provides that elegant calligraphy look. With its slim, finely balanced grip for ergonomic comfort, the LAMY joy is also wonderfully light in the hand and encourages precise pen control. Pleasant to use and supporting distinctive penmanship, the Lamy calligraphy fountain pen is a must for all those seeking to add a special touch to their handwritten texts. Whether for festive invitations or place cards, special letters or greetings cards. In 2019 the LAMY joy is available in the special white+red edition. White emphasises the delicate design of the calligraphy pen, while the clip, cap end, ring and tapered barrel end – a modern interpretation of the quill – add a special colour accent in red.

Lamy Joy Black: Sturdy plastic, shiny black / steel nib chisel point / with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue / can be modified for use with converter filling system Z 28

Lamy Joy AL: Black soft lacquer finish, cap: aluminum, natural anodized; Steel tension spring, polished. 

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