Leuchtturm1917 - Drehgriffel Refills for Pens / Pencils


[dreː][gríffel] The name is a tribute to the culture of writing. It combines the word Dreh (twist), a reference to the twist mechanism, and the term Griffel (pen), a name for the oldest writing instrument in the world (from the Greek grapheĩon = writing instrument).

Drehgriffel Pens Nr 1 can take the ballpoint or the Gel refills. 

Pencil refills only fit Drehgriffel Nr 2


We offer the matching LEUCHTTURM1917 refill with either black or royal blue ink. The refills Flow Black and Flow Blue are each available in a pack of 2. Document proof ISO 15727-2.

Gel Refill:

The corresponding LEUCHTTURM1917 black gel refill with 0.5 mm line width.

Gel Refills come in a single pack of 1

Pencil refills
• Thickness of lead: HB, 0.7mm
• Colour: Graphitegrey
• Pack of 12

To replace the refill unscrew the turning head.

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