Erin Smalley - 10 Things a Husband Needs from His Wife


Pursue the Marriage You’ve Always Desired

You have an incredible amount of influence in your husband’s life! He needs things only you can supply (not just sex)—and some simple choices on your part can bring about big changes in your husband’s heart.

Discover how you can…

  • build his self-esteem by giving him affirmation he won’t receive from his friends  
  • encourage him to grow by noticing what he does right—not what he does wrong  
  • help him bounce back from mistakes by providing the space and support he needs  
  • create a cycle of care for one another, rather than a list of obligations  
  • forge a bond through which he hears and values your messages  

As you learn how to show your husband love in everyday ways, you’ll make room in your marriage for deeper connection and lasting satisfaction. The joy you used to dream of finding someday can be yours today as you invest in a fulfilling marriage!

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