Badly Made Books - Book Stick A5 Navy/Yellow

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refill | rearrange | repair

the book stick is a unique design that allows you to use, rearrange and replace its pages. the book is elastic bound against a wooden spine, simplifying the construction of the book in a way that encourages interaction and customisation. this is a notebook which can be edited, replenished and reused as many times as necessary. 

the cover of each book is also replaceable, every element is. we make the comparison with the ship of theseus or trigger's broom.  this edition comes with BAD blind-embossed on the cover and hand stamped with our logo. 

each book comes with 160 - 240 pages 80gsm 100% recycled Steinbeis blank paper*

wooden spines** are a post-consumer waste product designed by badly made books &. produced by Coolree Design in Co. Kilare - gold embossed with badly made books

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