CorkIDoodleDo - UCC Quad Tower, Cork City


A perfect gift for a UCC graduate as a graduation present. A unique Cork gift.

This limited edition print captures the historic Quad Tower at UCC. The Main Quadrangle was built for Queen’s College Cork, which was established in 1845 to provide third-level education in the province of Munster. Building works began in early 1847 and it opened on 7 November 1849. 'The Quad' is built of distinctive Cork limestone, quarried locally and known for its very light colour. The architects were Sir Thomas Deane (1782-1871), and Benjamin Woodward (1819-1861).

A Corkidoodledo limited edition print of the quad tower in UCC, Cork, Ireland. 12x10 mount of a 6x8” print

Framed option is white frame with glass 

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