Cover to Cover Complete NIV Edition: Through The Bible As It Happened - Hardcover


A thrilling journey through the Bible as it happened, letting you see God's eternal purposes unfold before your eyes as you read through the entire NIV Bible text. This is a Bible-reading plan with a difference.

'Cover to Cover Complete', based on the bestselling 'Cover to Cover: Through the Bible as it happened', will take you on a voyage of discover through God's Word in one year.

Charts, maps, illustrations and diagrams to enhance your understanding of the Bible and biblical times. A timeline that runs across the bottom of each page, keeping every event in context for you. Reflections each day from Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. The complete anglicised New International Version (updated in 2011), in chronological order, divided into manageable daily sections. An accompanying section on the CWR website, featuring character studies, readers' testimonies, helpful hints and much more...

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