Equal Exchange - Women Farmers Coffee - Ground


Smallholders, not estates, produce most of the world’s coffee and some of the best too. Yet despite women often doing most of the work on the farm they can have little influence. Evidence shows that where women control household income the family’s health, nutrition and education improves at a faster rate because less money is spent outside the household.

In 2011, with our partner Twin Trading, we developed our range of Grown by Women coffees. These coffees are sourced directly from the female members of the co-operatives and are fully traceable. Back then we pondered for a long time on what to call this range of coffees. Women’s coffee didn’t quite sound right. So we decided on Coffee Grown by Women.

The rich honeyed apricot and almond notes in this coffee come from blending high quality organic arabica beans from Nicaragua, Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo. All too often the role of women in the production of coffee is unpaid and unacknowledged. This blend is a testament to them and recognises their importance and expertise in this field.

Bag Size 227

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