Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen Ink Special Edition - Shanghai La


Ferris Wheel Press proudly partners with Shangri-La Hotels Canada to bring to life an unforgettable stationery collection that features a special edition Echoes of Eaton 14k gold-plated nib Brush Fountain Pen, as well as a stunning sparkling fountain pen ink that captures the spirit of Shangri-La properties around the globe.

Originally inspired by James Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, we draw from the details of Shangri-La properties in both Vancouver and Toronto. Known for their distinct modern-Chinoiserie style and 5-star hospitality, we capture the essence of their properties by bringing to life the mythical paradise that inspired their identity, as well as the iconic landmarks that characterize these two Canadian cities where Shangri-La reside.

Ink Tone: Ashy Brown, Champagne shimmer
Characteristics: Earthy, natural, grounding

Ink deserves to be inspiring, from the moment you receive it, to when you draw it into your pen, it should remind you of the magic of writing. By curating a palette of stunning colours we add a distinctive flair to any writing and create joy in places you never
expected. A world of imagination is within your grasp and we are here to inspire you to write, reflect, and dream everyday.
Note that select colours of our ink feature shimmer in either gold or silver, which is noted 

• Highest quality dyes and resins
• Rich and saturated tones
• Low sheen
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Smooth writing experience and ink delivery

• Best used in broader nib pens
• For best result, gently rock the bottle to stir up the
flecks. Be careful to avoid bubbles in the ink.
• Store pen upright when not in use, and clean your
pen prior to stowing away in order to minimize
potential clogging over time.

The 38ml bottle continues the tradition of a magical writing experience. Keeping the same silhouette recognized as distinctly Ferris Wheel Press, this new bottle is inspired by the pocket watch;  it has a distinct, stackable shape; smaller size; and a locking mechanism in the cap.
Through countless iterations and careful consideration of every detail, the 38ml bottle
features custom (and varying) artwork, and afamiliar feel to returning Ferris Wheel Press fans.

• Sleek shape designed to be easily stacked or lined up
• Signature brass cap with locking mechanism
• Bottle Size: 67mm x 75mm x 25mm

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