FlowerChild Room Spray - Lakeside Daydream


Soothing. Rose oil has a relaxing effect and has shown to decrease anxiety and stress as it lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels. This scent calms the nervous system, helping you gain a state of calm throughout your day.

This fragrance spray is the perfect addition to any home. Filling your home with a gorgeous scent while simultaneously providing all the benefits of essential oils. 

Whether you are having trouble unwinding at night or looking to kickstart your morning these high-concentration fragrance spays are what you've been missing. 

Quantity: 30 ml

Handmade from start to finish in the countryside of Ireland, at Flower Child we combine scent with nature. Bringing the garden to you through the use of carefully blended fragrances. Inspired by the gardening journey of founder Alexandria Kelly, the fragrances aim to take you on a journey of natural relaxation. Making high strength formulas we guarantee an impactful aroma to fill your space

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