Humdakin - Spray bottle

€8.00 €9.99

Empty spray bottle that works perfectly with our Universal Cleaner.

Use this spray bottle to premix your HUMDAKIN Universal Cleaner with clean water - for easy and handy cleaning. Keep the bottle filled and you are ready for easy daily cleaning.

The Spray Bottle can be used again and again - just mix, shake, spray, wipe and repeat.
We love the simplicity!

Add a small teaspoon of the Universal Cleaner to 500 ml of water, shake the spray bottle and you are ready to spray and clean. Use a clean, damp cloth for wiping to avoid streaks.

When dosing the detergent, think about the environment - do not overuse. The correct dosage will reduce the environmental impact.
500 ml
The Spray Bottle is made of reusable plastic.

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