Kaweco Sport Brass


This pocket is only 10.5 cm tall when closed and grows to a normal size of 13 cm when the cap is repositioned.

The high-quality brass develops a natural, individual patina over time.
Due to the heavy weight of the model, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself. This enables you to write comfortably and for a particularly long time.

All nibs are made in Germany.

The coarse brass is complemented by fine, silver elements such as the logo cap. We recommend one of our clips for the sports model or our leather sports case for one or two pens.

In connection with the rollerball, this creates an exceptionally smooth writing flow. The rollerball comes with a black, 0.7 mm thick G2 rollerball lead as standard.

Note: This raw material will discolour over time with use!

Pen Pouch available here

Pen Case available here

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