Kaweco Collection - Ruby Red *Special Edition


The Kaweco Sport in energetic ruby ​​red

In 1911 something special was created with the Kaweco Sport. When closed, the pocket fountain pen is only 10.5 cm in size, making it the perfect companion for on the go. With the cap on, he grows to a normal size of 13 cm.

The Kaweco Collection is full of energy and lively with the fiery, radiant color variant Ruby. As one of the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world, the reddish ruby ​​still fascinates people today. Just like the elaborately polished facets of a ruby, the brilliantly polished surface of the fountain pen creates an exciting play of light on the octagonal shape. The refinement of the surface creates soft, rounded edges, making the writing instrument particularly comfortable to hold. A shadow engraving and the combination of aluminum with golden elements complement the elegant character of the pen.

The fountain pen becomes individual with the choice of your desired nib in the sizes extra fine (EF) to extra wide (BB). We recommend the medium spring strength M for beginners. Thanks to the practical screw mechanism, the springs can be easily exchanged at any time afterwards. It comes standard with a royal blue ink cartridge.

The fountain pen is delivered in the golden nostalgia box, encased in a color-coordinated collection slipcase.

Kaweco offers eleven colorful inks, a mini converter and clips in gold, silver, bronze and black to match the fountain pen. Anyone who wants to protect their pen will find what they are looking for in the large selection of Kaweco cases.

*Products from the Kaweco Collection are available for a limited time in the Kaweco standard range.


Colour: Red
writing system: fountain pen
Material: aluminum
Weight: 21g
length open: 13 cm
closed length: 10.5 cm


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