Kaweco Special Release - 140th Anniversary EBONIT Sport Fountain Pen Set


Kaweco EBONIT Sport – a homage to 140 years of Kaweco

The beginnings of Kaweco's writing instruments go back to 1883. Kaweco has been making history with high-quality writing instruments for 140 years and is therefore known as one of the oldest brands in the industry. A legacy that is still reflected in the product language today. Then as now, the following principle is groundbreaking: designing writing instruments with a lot of dedication and love that are still a beloved and loyal companion in everyday life even after many years.

With the Kaweco Ebonit Sport we take you on a journey through time. Not only is the shape of the popular sports model based on products from over a hundred years ago, the material used also has a historical origin. At a time when injection molding technology had not yet been invented, hard rubber was the material of choice for writing tools alongside wood. The name ebonite comes from the English translation for ebony, which is very similar to hard rubber in terms of color and hardness. The expressive marbling and the highly polished surface also reinforce the look of a valuable precious wood. The composition of the filler material is entirely of natural origin with natural rubber and sulfur. The combination with golden elements reinforces the nostalgic character of the fountain pen and activates the warm brown grain. An elaborate graver engraving perfectly rounds off the historic design. As standard, the Ebonit fountain pen is supplied with a gold-plated steel nib Made in Germany

As a perfect addition, the limited set includes a nostalgic clip in gold for securely attaching the pen to the desk pad. In addition to the standard royal blue ink cartridge in the fountain pen, the practical 10-pack contains all Kaweco ink colors for personalizing your own font. Everything is wrapped in packaging inspired by cardboard boxes from over a hundred years ago.

Note: Over time, the sulfur it contains ensures that each writing instrument becomes a unique collector's item thanks to its very individual coloring. The original condition can be restored by simply polishing.

Material color: Brown
Writing system: fountain pen
Material: ebonite
Weight: 10g
Open length: 13cm
Length closed: 10.5cm

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