Kaweco Sport Frosted - Fountain Pen


Our newest series stands out due to its slightly opaque, milky plastic and pastel colours. The icy fresh look of the material gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of the pen. It is equipped with silver elements and it is just an absolute must-have for the summer. The light colours and fresh names emphasize the summer feeling.
The fresh and fruity names Sweet Banana, Soft Mandarine, Blush Pitaya, Light Blueberry, Fine Lime and Natural Coconut give you a hint on the colours of this series.

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. The pocket fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed, therefore it can easily be taken anywhere. With the cap mounted, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm.

Fountain Pens come with a standard nib size M.

All nibs, as well as the entire fountain pen, are made in Germany.

Other nib sizes, inks, mini converters are perfect accessories for this fountain pen.

Pen Pouch available here

Pen Case available here

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