Kaweco Original Pen - Black Chrome


Original design redefined.

A new series of pens, but original Kaweco: The Kaweco Original impresses with its elegant lines and clear design. In particular, the matt look of the surface creates a pronounced exclusivity. The puristic design of the writing instruments harmonises wonderfully with the solid aluminum body, the chromated elements and a highly scratch-resistant anodizing.

While the basic shape was based on writing implements from the late 50s, the octagonal shape breathes the typical Kaweco product DNA into the original. The handle in particular makes the writing instrument clearly recognizable, as it has a convex shape in contrast to other Kaweco series.The Kaweco Original is superbly balanced for long writing. When on the go or when changing meeting rooms, the original can be securely attached to a desk pad or shirt pocket, for example, with a fixed clip

The Kaweco Original is available as a twist ball pen and two fountain pen variants.

Fountain Pen: Depending on your writing type and preference, you can choose between a narrower model with a 060 nib insert and a little broader model with the dramatic 250 nib insert.Due to the optimised length of the barrel, there is enough space for a Kaweco standard converter. Thanks to a thread in the feed, the converter can be screwed into the front part. The Kaweco Original writing instruments are perfectly balanced. Therefore, they are the ideal tool for long writing sessions, even without putting the cap on the back. 

Ballpoint : By turning the rear area above the clip, the mine slides outwards silently and gently. The ballpoint pen is characterized by an impressively smooth writing behavior. The pen contains a standardized G2 refill in the writing color blue.

Colour: Black
writing system: ballpoint pen
Material: aluminum
Weight: 31g
Length: 13.2 cm


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